Science of Energy Efficiency

Improving the energy efficiency and reducing atmospheric emissions.
Every dollar invested in Anselm's calculation reveals opportunities for improving energy efficiency of at least $ 148!
Anselm will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 783 million tons annually.
Leonid Ulyev
Doctor of Technical Sciences.
Our Clients
Save the world's resources for our children using the 100% energy potential of the industry.
The global average potential for reducing the consumption of fuel and energy resources by increasing energy efficiency for refineries is from 20.5% to 34.5%.
Energy efficiency potential does not correlate with the age of the refinery.
World refinery research by Solomon ass.
Annual opportunities for increasing the profit of the oil refining industry from the realization of energy efficiency potential.
500 million dollars
450 million dollars
200 million dollars
100 million dollars
3 Billion dollars
36 Billion dollars
The whole world
Max Kanischev
Like Carl Linnaeus, using his system, classified the flora and fauna, like Dmitry Mendeleev deduced the fundamental relationship between chemical elements,
so our team, using the developed scientific indicator Anselm, classified, formalized and automated the process of identifying and prioritizing ways to improve energy efficiency of the enterprise and reduce emissions.

I have more than 10 years of experience in refining energy efficiency and I guarantee: no other system in the world does what Anselm is capable of.
This is a breakthrough in improving the energy efficiency of the enterprise and the return on investment.

There is no point in investing a penny in modernization, optimization, and inspection of installations, if the Anselm indicators are not calculated for them in advance.
Complete picture
You see ALL possible ROOTS and methods to improve energyefficiency.
Increase profits
All the activities are economically viable and bring the profit.
Most activities pay off in the first year of implementation.
Reducing energy consumption in the enterprise at least 12% from the current level.
How it works
Duration: 1 month
Filling in a special form by Anselm
The form is filled by the Customer.
Instrumental examination is not required.
Duration: 2 months
Processing and reporting
Total: 3 months
Roadmap for improving energy efficiency and reducing atmospheric emissions, including capital costs, goals and profits.
Our partners
Heurtey Petrochem Solutions is a world leader in process furnaces for refining, petrochemicals, syngas and hydrogen markets.
Heurtey Petrochem Solutions provides a comprehensive offer including the design and manufacturing of Process Furnaces; Waste heat recovery units as well as process feasibility studies and other services.
In 2018, Axens acquired 100% of the shares of Heurtey Petrochem.
Schneider Electric
We provide energy and automation digital solutions for efficiency and sustainability.
We combine world-leading energy technologies, real-time automation, software and services into integrated solutions for homes, buildings, data centers, infrastructure and industries.
We make process and energy safe and reliable, efficient and sustainable, open and connected.
The Russian Academy of Sciences
The Russian Academy of Sciences was established by order of Emperor Peter I by decree of the governing Senate of January 28 (February 8), 1724.
The Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) is a state academy of sciences, an organization of science that carries out the scientific management of scientific research in the Russian Federation and conducts scientific research.
Roman Chibisov
Over the past few years, we surveyed about two hundred process plants, more than 10 refineries in Russia.
The challenge we faced was simple: at a particular facility, increase energy efficiency by a specific percentage value.

We met all the challenges.

With the help of our scientific method of SELOOP analysis, we reduced the power consumption on units by an average of 30%, without changing the technological mode.
The minimum effect shown by us was 12%.

This in itself is an astounding achievement. Nobody in the world has done this before us.

However, there were difficulties.

On some units, we easily achieved our goals, on some it was difficult, because the installations were already well integrated.
We asked technologists at the refinery how they chose the plants for the survey and how they determined the target percentage of consumption reduction.
The answer was the same everywhere "by experience."
But were the MOST inefficient plants chosen, and was the TARGET percentage set for reducing the consumption of fuel resources set?
The answer, unfortunately, is NO.
In terms of units, the potential revealed by us was EXTREMELY higher than the specified one. These are TENS of MILLIONS of DOLLARS of losses annually.
Losses that management DOES NOT SEE.
At that moment, our leader, Max Kanischev, asked the question - can we make a system that would allow without instrumental surveys, quickly and accurately determine the energy efficiency potential of a unit, decompose it by type of resources and up to single equipment? Show management where exactly those millions of dollars of lost effect.

Five years after that, five years of scientific research, mistakes, experiments, and approbations, we created the Anselm system.

The system that answers these questions.
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