Increased Profits
Improved Energy
Complete Picture
You will be presented with all possible strategies to improve energy efficiency and methods to implement them.
Our projects are tailored to your specific needs, investment strategy, and equipment.
All measures we recommend are economically justified and selected to enhance profitability.
Most of them have shown a 100% + payback within the first year of implementation
Implementation cases have demonstrated an average of 30% efficiency improvement
ANSELM Report stages
Partitioning the calculated unrealized potential into its sources
Common sources include:

Heat exchange systems
Electric equipment
Technological units
Constructing a project map for efficiency improvement
Projects are sorted according to the effect achieved and presented as a graphically intuitive map
Identifying priority projects
We take the crop of the highest efficiency potential projects out of the project map. Most often, top 20% of all projects accounts for 80% of the full technologically achievable potential of the facility
Determination of the energy saving potential for all units
Calculated on two levels:

1) Technologically achievable, based on the actual cofiguration and current state of the unit;
2) Target, economically viable leve
Budget calculation
For the projects selected at stage 4, implementation costs are determined based on standard rates, including capital costs, design, construction and installation works, and commissioning
Chosen based on the company's planning prerequisites, according to the value of economic indicators: IRR, NPV, DPP, PI, ranked by efficiency
Selection of target projects
Based on the ranked list of projects from stage 6, specific strategic goals are set to improve efficiency, with a specific effect and deadline, and an implementation roadmap is formed
Setting the goals
How it works
We process it and reach out to you with a report on the results
You fill in the ЕЕЕ form provided by ANSELM
Instrumental examination on site is not required
A comprehensive roadmap for improving energy efficiency and reducing atmospheric emissions of your enterprise, including the analysis of capital costs, concrete measurable goals, and estimated profits
Total time needed: 3 months
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