Anselm calculation
ANSELM is a unique technology that revolutionizes energy efficiency and emission reduction, without downsizing production volumes.

Over a hundred ANSELM-developed projects are now implemented at oil refineries of all sizes, age, and configuration.
ANSELM is equally applicable and effective for any unit of any refinery around the globe, regardless of the country or region, since the same equipment is used everywhere.

To demonstrate what ANSELM has to offer in your case, we are ready to perform our analysis for any unit of your refinery and issue a comprehensive report on the ways to improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions at no upfront cost.
Primary oil refining units are typically the ones we recommend to start with first, owing to the highest energy consumption.

We will be ready to provide any technical documentation upon your request, as well as sign any non-disclosure documents necessary.

Will be happy to answer any questions you might have in any way you find convenient.

We are very much looking forward to showcase the capabilities of ANSELM to you.
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