Akin to Carl Linnaeus, who classified the flora and fauna of our planet, or Dmitry Mendeleev, who described the fundamental relationships between chemical elements, our international team of scientists created ANSELM − a unique system of indicators and algorithms to identify and prioritize all ways to improve the energy efficiency and reduce emissions of any facility operating with heat exchange cycles − with highest economic viability.
With over 120 years of combined industrial experience and scientific research in energy efficiency optimization in the context of refining, our team is confident that no other approach used worldwide will match the output of ANSELM.

This is a breakthrough in improving energy efficiency and a reliable way to maximize your return from ESG investments.
Roman Chibisov
Chief Technology Officer
VP Software Development
Prof. Helen Reishachrit
Senior Research Fellow
Economics Expert
Nik Chekshin
Chief Executive Officer
Max Kanischev
Chief Scientific Officer
VP Refining Excellence
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