The Science of Energy Efficiency

Improving energy efficiency and reducing emissions.
Anselm is a unique technology. We revolutionize energy efficiency and emission reduction, without compromising on production capacity.
Free of charge
Every dollar invested in Anselm generates at least $148 of additional revenue improvement.

Anselm has the potential of reducing CO2 emissions by 783 million tons annually.
Leonid Ulyev
Professor at Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute
Our Clients
ANSELM was developed with the participation of the Russian Academy of Sciences
ANSELM was developed with the participation of the Russian Academy of Sciences
led by Valery Pavlovich Meshalkin, Professor and Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Technical Sciences
ANSELM is also resident of the Moscow innovation cluster
ANSELM solutions fully pay off: the methodology has proven to be effective in a number of the major refineries in Russia
ANSELM is a prize-winner
at PRES`20
ANSELM - the best digital energy efficiency and CO2 reduction solution
Save the world's resources for future generations by utilising 100% of the industry's potential.
The global estimated potential for reducing the consumption of fuel and energy resources by increasing energy efficiency at refineries ranges from 20.5% to 34.5%.
Energy efficiency potential does not correlate with the age of the refinery, coutry or region.
World Refinery Research by Solomon Associates.
Annual estimated potential for increasing the profitability of the oil refining industry using
Anselm Energy Efficiency Evaluation (ЕЕЕ).
$8.3 billion
$5.5 billion
$2.5 billion
$1.5 billion
Saudi Arabia
$1.5 billion
South Korea
$1.4 billion
$0.9 billion
$0.9 billion
$0.8 billion
$0.8 billion
$0.7 billion
$40 billion
The word from Max Kanischev
As Carl Linnaeus, using his system, classified the flora and fauna of the world, like Dmitry Mendeleev described the fundamental relationships between chemical elements, so our team, using Anselm − a unique system of scientific indicators, classified, described and developed the process of identifying and prioritizing ways to improve on energy efficiency of any refinery while simultaneously reducing emissions.

Having more than 10 years of practical experience backed by sound scientific research in energy efficiency in the refining industry, I can state that no other system in the world matches Anselm .
This is a breakthrough in improving energy efficiency of and a reliable way to increase return on investment.

This is a breakthrough in improving energy efficiency of and a reliable way to increase return on investment.
Complete Picture
You will be presented with all possible strategies to improven energy efficiency and methods to implement them.
Increased Profit
All measures we recommend are economically justified and enhance profitability.
Most activities have a 100% + payback within the first year of implementation.
Reduces energy consumptionby at least 12% from current levels.
How it works
Time needed: 1 month
You fill in the ЕЕЕ form provided by Anselm

Instrumental examination on the site is not required.
Time needed: 2 months
We process it and reach out to you with a report on the results.
Total time needed: 3 months
A comprehensive roadmap for improving on energy efficiency and reducing atmospheric emissions of your enterprise, also including capital costs, concrete measurable goals and estimated profits.
Our partners
A world leader in process furnaces for refining, petrochemicals, syngas and hydrogen markets.
Schneider Electric
A world leader in provide energy and automation digital solutions for efficiency and sustainability.
The Russian Academy of Sciences
The Russian Academy of Sciences was established by order of Emperor Peter I by decree of the governing Senate of January 28 (February 8), 1724.
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